Man this shit is hard. Art is like this living breathing thinking thing and i am not doing any of that when i paint or draw. Its hard for me to decide what it is that is going to bring my stuff to the next level. I am always looking for the next artistic step and i am lost at sea right now. Like what i enjoy isnt going to cut it anymore. Whats keeping me from reapeting the bullshit steps i have learned the past two years to arrive at a "good illustration". what do i have to bring to say that cant be said better by someone else. I dont even know what makes my art my art so how is anybody else supposed to get my message. I know its where i need to be but i cant seem to sift through what is bullshit and what isnt. Yyou know those drawings in your sketchbook that you loved working on that you enjoying being a part of that people just pass right over. thats what these are. So i guess this is me. this is my stuff. This is the only stuff i fucking enjoyed working on, its who i am as an artist i am not sure why but i am gonna run with it.


Simon said... have an interesting blog. Can I put your blog into my Link list?


Tamte said...

yes you can thanks man