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Hey ya'll,
I'm in a drawing lull so I thought I would share some stuff that has been occupying the other portions of my day (besides beer and video games). I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the movie/comic AKIRA ,but I've been enthralled by the first two books of the series recently.

Over the past few weeks I've had some intense discussions with my friends, and teachers about storytelling in comics. The arguments boil down to whether or not it's important to actually have a story. What makes a comic book good? Or better yet, what makes a story good? I've seen the armies of beautiful painting, and drawing go up against character development and plot over and over... Isn't there a greater evil for them to unite against? Who knows? Anyway, I'm not going to get into that now, but it's definitely something that is going to be fermenting my mind grapes.

After some researching I found a few passages from the comic and the movie that are similar and thought they made an interesting juxtaposition... (not to mention the drawings RULE)

The above pages show similarities to the film clip around 2:58-3:20

...and these pages are similar to the movie clip at around 6:38-8:05

No, they aren't completely alike, but they are definitely showing the same scenes.

As I try to wrap my mind around what makes a compelling scene/etc... I wonder if there are rules that underline quality storytelling, and if they cross mediums? Is either one of these depictions more successful than the other one? Can such a judgment be made about mediums that are this different? It would be great to hear what you think...Thanks for dropping in.

story, story, story!?!?

(All rights to the comic pages and movie clips are reserved by their various holders)


Mr.BrandonHolmes said...

you have to find the heart of a scene and use every element of what ever medium to push it. find what the collective human experience for that moment and amplify it.....for me stories are suppose to "enlighten" or "give answers" or just plainly entertain. i was watching the oscars tonight and story is the one element that every human can relate to even if you can't relate to the story. i don't think one medium will ever be better than another in terms of better story telling, that depends on who is telling the story and who the story is being told to. the animation has down and music added on top of the visual imagery. you can't get better emotion than when you add music to visual imagery. i know they aren't but comics are kinda like storyboard very elaborate, cleaner, and prettier but at there heart they are the key moment of each shot in a story. action reaction lead to another key action to another key reaction. all juxtoposed to form a story throw some sound effects, music, voices and a few transitional frames and you have a moving picture. if a story is a great story it will be great in any medium in my opinion but that also depends on the story teller....I'm rambling...cya in class

Hannes Pasqualini said...

It's an interesting topic indeed! I must say, as much as I often buy comics just because I like how they are drawn, it's the story that makes me love a comic, so Sandman is still one of my personal favourites despite some really poorly drawn issues. Oonly seldom, as for McKean's Cages for example, it's the drawings that do the trick.
The best comics are those where the drawings follow the story follows the drawings... of course. And there's several examples of those, like most of what Moebius, or Peeters and Schuiten have produced, or if we want something more up to date: B.P.R.D. by Mignola, Arcudi and Davis.
I think anybody who wants to write a story should read McKee's STORY, It's about writing for the big screen, but there's so much truth in most of the things he says, and most of it can be easily applied to writing a comic.
When I say the story has to be good, I also include the storytelling. There's no good story without good storytelling, and often the way you tell the story is more important than the story itself.
Akira is certainly one of the greatest examples in storytelling, especially the first issues. There's just so much movement in it, there's so much happening in the gutters between one panel and the next, it really makes you feel what closure actually means.
It works so well, that I often have trouble in remembering which thing was or was not in the film, or in the comic, in my memory both left the same traces, I never missed the sound...

Anonymous said...


Andrew R. Wright said...

You always keep me on my toes with thoughts like this one.
Good story telling is something all of us should be considering if we are to be successful in this crazy world of illustration. To hear other people's opinions on the matter really intrigues me. Especially from the comic book/video perspective mainly because I know so little about that side of picture making.

Thanks for that Volkertron!

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