UP and antsy on the first DATE

Some recent stuff I had a fun time working on... Hopefully ya'll are not strangers to the "Illest" posters. can't wait for thesis show so if you are reading this, know you better be bringing your A-game.



Kyle McCullough said...

Hey man that digital piece turned out nice. The boy looks really good.

Alex Schnarr said...

hey dude your first peaces line work is pretty good but the third one needs a little more contrast its a good composition but the color is a little flat i know its just for fun

emcguire said...

These are pretty tight. I like the ender's game one a lot.

also interesting article. Read many of these?

IrisOn said...

I guess the tick is knowing when to stop. Every time I start a piece I always run into some new problem, art is such a pain in the ass, but I guess thats what makes the payoff so good.

As far as my finishes.... I think theres a lot of pretentious fucks out there that over analyze every fuckn line they make, art is so interpretive, it dosent really matter what your trying to say, someones always going to think it means something different. My main goal is to be as clean and professional as possible. my pieces are usually ambiguous in narritive, witch makes viewers even more interested (people awlays want a fuckn story) I make them think of one themselves, so everyones happy (even if there wrong, and they always are) you know maybe Im a bad story teller, but who the fuck cares, I know my strengths and thats what I persue. I just try to make a professional image that will hold up next to the big dogs.

to be totally honest, I know a piece is done when Im board with it or when Im affraid to make one more mark, not very sophisticated but who the fuck cares, its working so far

thanks for the comment by the way

E_Bone said...

Nice work man!!...your stuff is very great!



emcguire said...


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