Submissions for the show

Hey Doods,
Here are a few pieces I am planning on submitting for the show at the end of September "Illest of Ill" The batman piece I finished last night so it's pretty recent. The other one I did over the summer. Recently I've been trying to infuse some humor into my illustrations. er...make them funner to do. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



Batman: Street Justice


Andrew R. Wright said...

Volker these are awesome! Your color use, composition, and value pattern are all working really well. Two strong pieces. Any crit that I can see is getting a little nit picky and more along the lines of personal preference. But anyway here goes.

On the first piece the only thing I can see as an issue is the bottom edge where the guy is grabbing the building. Although I know that the light source is coming from right there, it seems a little to light and not actually part of the surface he is standing on. Maybe bring the value a notch down (as in say that is a 1 and maybe bring it to a 2 or 3)

On the batman piece the cape flattens a little to much becoming more of an arbitrary shape rather than an extension of his costume. Possibly bringing the edge of the cape down below his armpit to meet up with his back might fix that or a little lighter value (again just like one notch on the grayscale).

Like I said nit picky stuff.
I dig this work alot! I can't wait to see these printed!

emcguire said...

Something feels kind of awkward about the batman piece, Like he's really stiff or something? I can't tell how he's moving, but it feels more like he's dancing than kicking that guy. Maybe find a way to make the movement or the kinetics behind it make more sense

Hannes Pasqualini said...

I must say if your intent is to bring some humour into your drawings, well... you seem to have succeed. To me these express this very well, while not loosing any of you established qualities.
I can't find any other technical issues... but I want to point out that I really like the way batman is jumping over the guy! It's like he's doing this ever since, he's so used to fight crime he's nearly bored to do it... like somebody who's spent hi whole life working in a cubicle, who's doing the same operations on the computer he's been doing in the last 40 years.
that's a humorous approach to batman to me...
I hope this was intended :)

Robb said...

Hey Mr. Volker,
These are great. Really like your color in both of them and the weird-ass sculture thing behind the fat man. (not to be confused with your other piece, featuring BATman. . . haha!) Also, i think your crazy mark making behind batman is supposed to be really cool, graphic explosion lines, right?! Cuz they look awesome and i think it takes a mighty clever man to make explosions so precious. So hopefully, they're explosion lines cuz that'd be soo cool!!
Can't help but notice both of these guys missing any sign of a neck, tho . . . intentional? Maybe. But also slightly awkward? Maybe!!
Love them keep them coming they are very inspirational

Sheri t said...

hey son of mine - very cool, I also think Batman especially has that humor thing going, he almost looks like he's going for the gay pose, or maybe a disco dancing stance. rich colors are great.