I ended up in LA this past weekend for some family stuff, and although the occasion was solemn the change of scenery was reinvigorating. I was starting to forget what mountains looked like. We ate breakfast at this great local place called Carillos, and I did some sketching. Here are some recent goofs, I guess there is a plug in there for Nicholas Di Genova. I saw his stuff in Jux yesterday and was blown away...anyway, back to Louis Armstrong and my sketchbook thanks for stopping by.


Ganesha...I think?



Cesca Olondriz said...

I love the elephant. I do x1000

Trish Tatman said...

Ganesha has 4 arms, but close enough. :P

Trish Tatman said...
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Arrolynn said...

The sketch of Carrillo's is so beautiful!