Thesis Pieces


hey everybody,
Staying busy over here in apoc 2012 sketching, painting, drinking, playing wiz-wars, and thouroughly enjoying ourselves. This is a sketch from Aaron Board's anatomy class (which I highly recommend taking)

The Face

Along Vincent's travels he ends up in a city that is embedded in the side of a mounatin...(more back story later). I was trying to pick just one of these and bring it to finish, but after shopping the idea around my only conclusion was to give them all a chance. Here are the drawings for the city in question. Thanks for dropping in.


Thing 1

Thing 2

Thing 3


Anonymous said...

See here.

Francis Vallejo said...

dude these recent drawings are bananas! definitely taking Board's class next semester

Anonymous said...

See here

ADRO said...

Nice real estate, When will these properties be available for move in of my evil empire...when you paint these put them up!! nice direction.

Kim said...

getting fancy with font colors, are we?

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

Lex Evans said...

love the mountianside city! i love how perpendicular all your linage is, so crisp and clean!

Anonymous said...

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