It's about TIME!


Hello everybody,
I found out today that Thomas Edison invented the word "hello" when he was testing out the first telephone. Apparently it doesn't mean anything. It is just a combination of sounds that can be heard well at a fairly long distance. Since the sound carried so well he used it to test the telephone....I read that in a book today called "General Ignorance". Sorry for not posting more often. Here is some art----->

Enemies of the Great Tokyo Empire



ps. I looked "hello" up on wikipedia and found out that my book might be incorrect, who knows!?



Andrew R. Wright said...

Every decision I make in my life, from here on out, will be rationalized by "would superdude do this?". I now aspire to be him....

Good art post dude. Thesis'n.

Trish Tatman said...

It's more likely that wikipedia is wrong, though. :P

I like the pink. It's very manly.

Kyle McCullough said...

Nice skethbook stuff man....hope work is going good for you.....later