Self-Promotionial piece


I'm realizing now that blogger puts the date on the post for me, but I have kinda gotten used to adding the colors. I think I will keep doing it.

I feel like I am groping for that next "art level", but it's something I could easily loose my footing from. Almost there, but not quite. Does anyone else feel like they are walking on thatched roof plateaus?.....Or does that only make sense to me

Hope er'body is doing well. Take care.

Santa's little friggin helper


ps. a good buddy of mine told me that "the pressure makes the diamonds", it sounded very insightful and topical...K bye


Robb said...

Does that mean that it feels like you're just sort of repeating the motions every time you do a drawing now and that you're having a hard time breaking into something new that's actually good and fresh? Cuz ya, I am having a tough time with that too! (if that's what the thatched roof analogy even meant, I'm not knowing)!!!

ADRO said...

When I reach a point like that I noticed that my mind is asking me for new information to reach that new level, try and look at the world we live in closer, for example look at light poles or spray bottles etc. study the design and create a character using that shape or even mix and match. It helps me out a lot.
Well hope that helps some what!
Oh yea add me to your blog HOMIE!!!

Francis Vallejo said...

may digg this dude!