I've been doing comics!'s hard

"Excuse me sir could you wait over there while we check your bags?"

Here are the starting 4 roughs for a 10 pager short story I'm sequentialing. It's all shape at this point, so it may be illegible. (the blob on the top is scared of the gray blob in the middle) There are a lot of levels of composition to think of. First, the composition of the panel. Second, the the composition of page. Third, the composition of the spread.. Man those gutters are important! The finals are going to be color, but for now I thought I would post up the progress. The story is kinda superfluous, I'll talk more aout that once I add the text and the BUBBLES!...for now I'm just practicing moment to moment character interaction and experimenting with panels. Thanks for dropping in, and reading all the way to the bottom of this rant!