I've been on a trip for the past week or so, of the road variety. I needed to get out, and experience some stuff to reset my system and such. So one Sunday ago I left Minneapolis and headed for Kansas where I would meet up with my buddies. Since then We've been to the Rocky Mountains with a few days in the "Lases" Vegas and Angeles. I'm having a good time visiting people and living day-to-day.

Here are some photos------>

(we took this picture as a reminder of how important it is to be prepared)

(a stop on the way through Colorado)

{--Grand Canyon Stuff--}

(Tim and Jen)

just some fun and inspiration inbetween art projects. Thanks for swinging by!



Dustin dArnault said...

I am glade to see your taking advantage of your new found freedom. I wish I could be there to share in your adventure!I sent you a email. let me know if you got it.

Wishing to see snow one day- Dd

Dustin dArnault said...

*It was to your school email. Do you check that one or do you have another one that you prefer?

Oliver Dominguez said...

Thats great that your out there exploring nature. Its always a good thing to get out there because you'll get inspired by your surroundings.



Anonymous said...