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Hey Ya'll,

Here is the rest of my ten pager, sequential experiment. I thought it started a little fast, so I added a "wide shot" at the beginning. It was rad to get to fuss with panel arrangements and such. Unfortunately, this project kind of got back-burnered for my thesis. In retrospect pages 7-10 have pacing issues, the ending is kind of abrupt. Let me know what you think!? (damn those action sequences). I also tried a few test finishes for page (1) and (3), but it's not vibrating the way the roughs do. All in all a great learning experience, i'll be messing with sequence in the future...cause it's so damn fun. I'll post my thesis stuff soon.

Hope everyone is taking that deep breathe and exhaling


So, I've got my BFA. It's sitting in a suitcase somewhere in my car... (It's time to kick the job hunting into high gear!)

thanks for dropping in


RAWLS said...

Outstanding my friend! Very beautiful frames!! Love the roughness of it...lots of life! Great work man.

Dustin dArnault said...

Hey bro long time no hear! Hows good old Minnesota? I love the story and that splash page looks rocking, your landscapes are as always amazing. The story flows very smooth, but I do have a small piece of advice at first glance. I noticed on page 5 in the second row your mysterious masked avenger is facing to the left. George would always yell at me for that because it leads your eye off the page. I would only tell you to flip him towards the right. I know you did it because of the 180 rule, but in comics if varies depending on the situation I think. That might be open to speculation. Well I hope I helped a little.
I like the little Sunday night doodle. It feels really good to sketch again I did miss it so.

later bro