Factory Tower Water Entrance


Factory Tower Water Redundant Entrance

Hey all,

Doin some more doodlin' here. I found an old sketch one evening, and decided to try some new things with it. This is what came out. I have a lot of fun with these because I can't stop thinking of ways johnny space marine could have fun chasing enemies around in here and shooting people up. I guess the warhammer 40K is creeping up out of my childhood. I'm going to try and start doing more stuff with some "real perspective". It's become one of my own personal buzz words. Well, add it to the list of junk I need to work on!....Keep it real folks!


ps-I went to see Speed Racer a few days ago, WOAH! That was awesome.


Mr.BrandonHolmes said...

you added some textures do this did you not? i like them specially the stones. just jugadarn awesome

RAWLS said...

Wow..this is a really great piece man. Great atmosphere to it. How long did that take ya? Looks superb my friend!!

Natalie said...

your comment box doesnt quite like me.

This is my 3rd try. :P

Anyway, lovely work.