Some Sketch-atizing


Hey internet!

Usually, whenever I finish a sketchbook I try buy a new one that is something totally different from the one I just used up. In an attempt to keep my life spicy I decided to go with a moleskine. I've really been diggin' it. Its exactly what my sketch spirit needed, totally recommending them. are some of the things my moleskine, and I have been talking about for the past week or so. Robots, women, buttons, you know the usual stuff. Hope they excite you!



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Stevie said...


Wow, your stuff looks amazing as always, I love the freedom in your work. I wish you'd be at Ringling another year so we could draw together. Sigh, so many amazing people graduated your year :) Did you enjoy your road trip? Are you back home? news on the job front? I bet you got hired at 500 places :D

I'm just bored, working, and tired. But I'm finding solace in some classes~ character design w/ kevin chen/ storyboaring with phil craven/ and a maya class .... LOL maya ... I'm certainly not in love with it, but I guess I can learn to accept it once it makes more sense ..

Sigh, we should art collab sometime, when I'm 1/2 as good as you... in 10 yrs maybe? :) <33

hope you're doing well!

Andrew Olson said...

came to say sweet plugz broseph- but also fuckin' congrats man! im really amped, im gonna have to visit all you guys in austin! sometime in aug/sept, or whenever my next holiday is! im saving some time off, itll be fun. (also good luck in round 3, kill em all)

sarah watts said...

Your new site looks sweet!

Betsy Bauer said...

I really dig these sketchbook pages! Hope your job search is going well!

EL GRANDE said...

• Dear God, You’ve got to see this blog.

Anonymous said...