Happy Accidents


I love when you can just sit down, and fudge around until something fun comes out. Every once and a while I get charmed by the happy accidents. I like these shapes!


Thanks for dropping in! Hope all is well.



RAWLS said...

Yo Tamte!! Great shapes indeed my friend... Happy accidents are our friends!!

mclean said...

I am diggn it a lot man. I swear, I wish I could start out abstract and retain it like this. What kind of settings do you have your brushes on to make those marks?

Will Ralston said...

Hey man!

How are things going for yah bro?
Hope all is well man.

sarah watts said...

Tampte! Thanks for the comment, it made me smile big:) We miss you a whole bunch, I shall tell Scoot hi for you. You rock as always. I love the sketchbook work!!

trey said...

yeah man that shits the best.