Hey guys,

Welcome. How you doing?.....meh? Just another day surfing the internet eh? If we were face to face we would be having one hell of a conversation, cause I got loads to talk about.

This week is a big one! As a follow up to the post about "Illest" in Florida, I wanted to say that I had a BLAST. Thank you everybody who helped put that thing together, it was a mad success. Also, it was nice to see everyone again....a little overwhelming mind you, but enjoyable.

While I was down there I made my contribution to this years TATA-GALA show, initiated by the increasingly cumulatively talented, and charismatic Erik Jones. Hopefully my stuff will make it in (!?who knows?!) The show is this Friday (the 24th of October) at D3 in Sarasota, wish I could make it, I know it's going to be rad. Go check it out if you are in the area!

...Good cause, good artwork, good company. It's not often you get all three of those things at once!

(Sorry Jones, I jacked your poster. Hope that's ok)

On an equally exciting note. The guys I worked with over at Bioware Austin just yesterday announced their new Star Wars MMORPG "The Old Republic"! Even though I was only on the project for about 6 weeks I am stoked to see it coming together, and I am WOWed by the caliber of their concept team. Check out the website ( Conclusively, I've got more art in the works that I will be posting soon.

You read all the way to the bottom! you guys rule, thanks for dropping in.



Andrew Lauretta said...

Bioware Austin! That's me! Old Republic! EXCITEMENT!

Blair said...

I'm WOWed..