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I'm comin' up for air here....*gasp*

I'm hitting that stride where I actually produce less, but feel like I have been working all day/night without stopping. Here in Joyce-landia we are doing what would be called "crunch" in another industry, and twilight starts to shine over the production of book one-of-six on the Guardians project. Once It's done i'll make sure I spam this blog with all the promotion I am allowed to. The project has been officially announced to the world, but it's NDA status is complicated. (Less on that later)

The Artorder blog has another online challenge I wanted to be part of. It's a B&W illustration bout vampires. Here are the thumbs I have so far. Pretty excited about where it's going. Let me know what you guys think.

"I vant to suuhk your bluuud"

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***Edit*** a friend reminded me the format for the final has to be 3" x 6.75", so....blegh I'll have to make some changes


mclean said...

was the format vertical or horizontal? I dig the 3rd one a lot, if the format is vertical then you should stack the figures a little more, maybe make the pile of junk the female is on higher? anyway, awesome to see you consistently attacking that Artorder shiznit!

Adam Paquette said...

looking sick! but dont forget it has to be black and white, no greyscale. i cant tell if those dots are grey or black but just a heads up! looks wicked so far.

RAWLS said...


EL Gato Negro said...

looking good man looking forward to the final..the 3rd one looks like a winner!!