That there painting I was working on


Hello, and welcome Cigars and Cigarettes!

This here painting I did for a community project I am happy to say still exists in Sarasota Florida. Look for it in print around those parts in early October...

"Giants Fishing"

I watched Fargo for the first time, and I have to say it made me real proud to be a Minnesota boy (ex-minnesota boy I supose), also I've been musing to all the Rhymesayers guys (Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Doomtree). Sometimes it takes a new situation/lifestyle to understand what you've left behind. This piece is based on the fear that one day I will turn around and everything I know will be gone. To be obtuse "up in smoke" I'm just crossing my fingers that I haven't burnt any bridges. Hahah, now that i've said it aloud it sounds depressing, but it's more contemplative. Thanks for dropping in and checking out my stuff!

...til something else interesting comes up,


Orlando Sanchez said...

Wow adam this piece is incredible. Beautiful work. I like the colors and the composition.

McLean Kendree said...

Came out gooood man, but I want MOAR! Keep fighting the good fight!

mo said...

great piece!

Trey. said...

Great job sir.

-Trey b

Justin said...

Hello adam sweet piece my brotha. Hope you are well. Ya Ive had that same fear. Waking up one day and literally not knowing the people around me or where I am for that matter, and no Im not referring to a long night of drinking. The beauty of it is you will remember and the things you dont remember dont even fucking matter. Love you son

Stevie Ray said...


You are fantastic, brilliant minded as always. I will always look up to you. This is great. I hope you are well!