Mural Painting


joe demonstrates the finer points of core shadows

Hey Folks,

The animatic is finished and we are ramping up for production, and a little bit of relaxing. The attitude here is infectious (in all the best ways) and as we plan to bring more people on board, buzz words like, Moonbotradio, new studio space, and minatures fly around the studio.

On top of that Joe and I were commissioned to paint a mural at Shreveport's next hot spot. It's called "City Bar", and it promises to be a pretty killer place. Riding the wave of psuedo art-deco and Dick Tracey this is the digital comp that Mr. Bluhm-ers and myself came up with.

it's been a new challenge for us. wish us luck!! Thanks for droppin' by



Erin McGuire said...

where's the barbarian chick riding a snake dragon? didn't the murals at tijuana flats teach you anything?!

Hope you're well my friend.

Nikolas Guardia said...

Hey man! It was cool talking to you this pass weekend. The mural looks awesome, love the colors on the buildings. See you in spring?


Sam said...

hey adam! thanks for comming down to sarasota and hanging out! the mural looks sick

Emmett Hamilton III said...

Long live Moonbot... as long as your not trying to take over the world. And even then, would that be so bad? lol
Great work as always my friend. Keep it up!

Arenyth said...

This looks awesome! The colors are great, I can't wait to see it finished.