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Hey Folks,

"..just promise me you wont turn into a business man"

I've had this desire recently to add more cartooning or 'caricature' to my work. It's most likely a residual effect of being around Mr. J Bluhmers, but whichever the source well my belly is stirring. When I say cartooning I don't mean like Kirby, or Eisner, or Avery, or even theme park style. Caricature as an interpretation, I'm fairly certain it's a feeling every artist has had.

Do I draw realistically or do I draw the way thats comfortable? Or inbetween?

Maybe I'm misusing the word caricature, but I'm going strive to do more interpreting with my drawings than representing. With a hope of achieving a balance between believably fabricated, and imagined abstraction.

I know my verbage is only grasping at cohesivity, but since it's still fresh in my mind...I'm thinking as I am writing.


Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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Alex Berki said...

Adam i understand your verbage pretty well and something i am thinking about as well thanks for confirming that more people are going through that kind of dilemma

P.S. Im green with envy looking at yo hands !!!