back to the grind


Art directly affects my mood. It seems silly that this morning I was elated upon finding out I had made it into Spectrum, then mopey after Photoshop crashed on me at work. Seems I was unable to make a confident mark for the rest of the day. Now I'm anxious about catching up, and guess what! The work is suffering for it.

I'm a fifteen year old girl.

the other day I had the "frustration/fear of falling behind" feeling and drew this

"Blue Light District"

While I was thinking about this...

(appreciative concluding statement)


Alex Berki said...

GODDAMNIT ADAM!!!, your my hero !

Francis Vallejo said...

damn bro, awesome!

Kyle McCullough said...

Dude I know what you mean. I was plein air painting the other day, the light disappeared and then it started raining, my blood started boiling. Then I showed some people the painting and they all thought it was my best one.


哲宇 said...


EDUARDO peña said...

hey man,, congrats for being selected,, i was watching,, the list too,, and damm.. i'm in too jejejejejeejej,,,,, really cool situation>>>>>
ahh by the way MOEBIUS masta///