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Good day today. I have some in progress stuff to share, but first off...

does anybody else play that game? It's high time it is taken to the next level. An unofficial way to copyright something. You know 'TM' and 'Copyright' well we're going to bring DIBS to that level of claimancy. Through the web, through art and through the most effective time tested marketing technique, human interaction.

more on that later. I've got some art to share. Here is some process for an online competition piece...

"Dazzling Prancer - sketches"

"Dazzling Prancer - WIP"

I've also been revamping my website (with help). It's been a trip over the past week watching it break and fix as we firefight the design/interface.

If you follow the blog (thanks), but you will have likely seen all the work. Everytime I put it all together I realize how much I still have to learn. ::sigh::

thanks for dropping by!


Jordie Bellaire said...

New website is looking super sleek.
Your about portrait is the bees knees!

Andrew Olson said...

sweet fish monster, i'm anxious to see it painted up! you should honestly do a finished piece of each of those thumbnails too i love em all