A Quick trip to the Midwest


Hey all,

It was my birthday recently, I am now officially as old as the day is long.  On top of that, I had the fortune of being able to be around my family while it happened, and I'm very thankful for that.  I also had time to draw things outside of work!  A luxury that seems to come less and less often.

I also had some time to do some reading and some guitaring...thanks for stopping in.

(it's all I use it for anyway)

(airport voyeurism)

(sam at work)

Hi Karrah,


Erin McGuire said...

I like the top one a lot, really nice :)

Kyler Dannels said...

Amen on the top piece, really fun concept.

Also: What a damned interesting cash register drawing - Really successful shape carving with a variety of marks.

seanmaximus said...

beautiful works u got here dude:-D

Brun Croes said...

Goddamn it!!!

Everytime I visit this place your skills have grown doubled!

Awesome...AWESOME, i'll say it again... AWESOME stuff bro