a new drawing


I'd like to share a new drawing with you.  I'll probably treat this one similar to the piece I just wrapped up. Hopefully, I can explore some colors I haven't tried before.

the elephant in the room

I've been letting the blog slip a bit, and I'm sorry about that.  I have a big announcement to make in a few posts.  I know, I know, everybody says "I'm in the kitchen cooking up some new stuff" or "I've been buried in work, but I can't share it".  Well, I'm saying it to, what of it?

All of my buds are just Soooo positive this drawing is from some past experience in my life.

....and yeah they're right.



Orlando Sanchez said...

Shit man that piece has a strong statement. I like it.

Natalie said...

Love it, Adam. Your stuff here absolutely amazes me:)

It actually reminds me of a piece I wrote awhile ago that's probably a whole different story, which shows how versatile art can be.

Keep it going.