Hey folks,

I'm leaving cozy Shreveport tomorrow for South America!  Short notice I know, but my good buddy Jamil and I have been invited to give a 3 hour speech (to be translated into Spanish real time) down in Bogota Colombia at their Siggraph animation festival.  My biggest fear is that none of the jokes I tell to mask my nervousness will land.

We've spent a few nights compiling our thoughts and talking about what we want to say while we are south of the equator, and I'm pretty freackin' excited.  Working on Morris Lessmore has been a blessing in a lot of ways, and this happens to be another gift it has given me.  I'll check in with more once I return.  Wish me luck, and let's hope that I say something worth hearing.

some drawings as well....

Tyler can be oh so generous

the last gas station for 84 miles

Burnout Takedown

the only car on the road

Thanks for stopping by, the internet continues to amaze me,

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