Diggs Nightcrawler art

Hey guys,

Here at Moonbot Interactive we are making our first (of hopefully many) console titles.  It's called Diggs Nightcrawler.  It's about a bookworm detective in Library City looking into the case of who bumped off his ole' pal Humpty Dumpty.

Our teaser trailer can be viewed here...TRAILER.  The internet has had some mixed reactions to Wonderbook, and Diggs.  Who knows how it will go?! Were just hoping to make the best game we can, a story we are proud of and hopefully folks will like it.  I visited Gamescom in Germany a couple weeks ago to give some presentations to the press, and be on a panel about "Games As Art" with a group of very wonderfully inspirational people. PANEL VIDEO.  The presentations went well I think.  There have been some interesting reactions to them...

There is a lot to learn about my new responsiblities at Moonbot.  I have stepped into a new arena, and I'm trying to keep my head above the water while I talk the big talk.  I'm holding on to the philosophies I had about video games in college, while throwing a gaze or two over my shoulder.  I'm anxiously awaiting the moment someone comes up to me and says "It doesn't work that way".  It hasn't happened....yet.

I did some pose sheets for a lot our characters in the game.  It helps us start to talk about who they are and how they behave.  I can't share a lot of the art I've done on the title yet, but I will once I can.  For now here are these, and thanks for coming by and scoping it out!

Diggs Nightcrawler


The Three Little Pigs

see you around next time!


Michael Yates said...

Wow, this is really intriguing. I hadn't heard anything about the wonderbook till now but I feel like anything that is new or different will get mixed reactions.

Id definitely like to give it a try.

Really digging the characters though.

Elaine Wu said...

whoaaa this looks awesome!! I love how cinematic the trailer started off and while I don't know much about wonderbook, the gameplay looks really intriguing!

McLean Kendree said...

Looks awesome man, you must be proud!

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