what up its good to be home refreshingly cold. let's chalk the lack of images up to computer problems. To anyone I talked to on new years eve..sorry...The war on soberiety has taken much of my time this break and I realize now that it is not any of your birthdays (but a merry un-birthday anyway). School is hectic but being home is so un-arted its boring, and my self motivation leaves quickly. I revisited a drawing I loved yesterday and hated it...weird huh? who hasnt felt that way before. I need to maximize my clarity, I realized that when a piece goes from start to finish I am viewing the process, and all the places my imagination took the stuff while I was creating. It's distorted by my mind's eye until I return the next day. I return to find where it ACTUALLY ended the province of shity hahaha. How can one moment a fraction of a second bring a person to the same place it took me 3-10 hours to get to? Even ideas I am attempting to communicate on paper have the same clarity issues. IS the journey you had reading this the same as the one i had writing it? noop its not.

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emcguire said...

Like my good friend Prattycakes would say- you have to make your work look effortless, if you see the wizard behind the curtain, the illusion is up.
See you in 48 hours! Ima call you soon and ask you stuff.