I really had to fight with this drawing to get it to work the way I wanted. In the end I ended up in a very different place than I set out to go. The great thing about getting there was that it revealed a new even more distant summit to climb. I also read this quote recently and thought it was appropriate.


"Traditional problems are best solved by analysis followed by action. In contrast, complex problems are best solved by action followed by analysis. Traditional problems can be solved through modeling and optimization. However, complex problems are best solved through experiment and iteration."

-Chris Carradine


emcguire said...

Nice! I'm surprised you didn't make the background darker, to really play up the lighting, could be a nice opportunity for... glowy bits. Regardless, I really like these a lot, I think they're a step in the direction it seems you've been wanting to go. Tracksuit meets chinese mountain man. :)
keep it cominggg

Rich Pellegrino said...

Hey Adam,

Great quote by the way. Sometimes the struggle is fun and others...well not so much. It seems like it is all about perserverance at some points.

Dope piece. Is it a trad/digi mix?