Well, bigger. I grew rather attached to that blue one. I am adding a few more programs to my digital arsenal and it's been pretty draining. Doodling keeps me sane, Ooo and here are some people that have been major inspirations recently.

Claire Wendling

Willie Real

Nathan Fowkes

Stephane Halleux

White Plains



Kyler Dannels said...

Diggin on the Nathan Fowkes. Those charcoal drawings are fuckin cool - exactly what I WISHED I could do when me and you were in figure drawing sophomore year... Makes me want to start drawing with broad/painterly media again.

Even though your images are once again too small, my first thought after seeing them is: "jesus.... He's getting fucking good." So yeah, thanks for the push, keep it up.

Tamte said...

My computer literacy has clearly found a better apologies


Francis Vallejo said...

I agree with Kyler, yer stuffs getting real good man!! Thanks for the link to Stephane Halleux, too. That stuff blows my mind. Thats the kind of artist who really stays with you.

emcguire said...

listen to the last verse of "they're all gonna laugh at you"
PS. these are really nice thanks for updating your blog even though these are kinda postage stamp size
PPS. I dig the volkertron and i'm teaching nothing but graphic design classes at precollege so this summer is going to be interesting good god
PPPS. heh, pp.