AHH! I went to the Hard Rock last night to see Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake. Man have I been missing live music. We did some moshing, I guess thats illegal in Orlando...Juan and I got kicked out after the second act, then snuck back in to see the rest of the show. RBF did some Metallica covers and Less Than Jake hosted a game show. My ears hurt and I've got some left over skank energy so I spent it doodling. Hope er'body is feelin fine!



Robb said...

Hey friend -
That is about the best thing I ever heard that you and Jaun managed to get yerselves kicked out of a concert!! Very nice.
Sketches also very nice, looks like you had some serious energy flowing after the show.
Send Juan, Kim and Nick some love from me and also check me out i just made a blog finally so stop by and give me some schooling

Josh Burch said...

How was streetlight? last time I saw them they fucking blew me away and im hoping they are still kicking ass. man, I wish I could have gone to that show. LTJ, reel big fish and streetlight? fucking awesome. Also, moshing illegal? wtf is that shit?

Trish Tatman said...

I dont think moshing is illegal, just frowned upon at smaller venues. Were you at House of Blues? Because Disney hates that, but Hardrock usually doesn't care.

Matt Dalluhn said...

you gotta stop all the skankin'!