Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3

I'm trying to practice character consistency. This is supposed to be "one" character with different expressions. Success? or did I just manage to paint two old men and Christopher Walken? Thoughts? Thanks for stopping by.



Kim said...

I liek yur arts.

Robb said...

Hey Mr. Volker -
Lovin the drawing/painting?! and I'd say u have great success in making it look like all the same dude . . . . cuz it does!! Very nice!
Now, they expressions just dont look that varied or exaggerated . . . Right? Im wanting more exaggeration and variation.
Either way, sexy drawings!! Really liking what u got goin on, Mr.
Robb GIbbs

Hannes Pasqualini said...

I'd say they look pretty consistent to me! You're doing great! If you really want me to find something I'd say the eyebrows on the third guy are a bit strange, they should probably be higher on the inside and going down on the outer end.
But I must say I only noticed it after staring for some time at your drawing! :)