Well the new year is 3 hours away and I'm still sober. The only drink I had today was at "Noodles and Co." at 4, granted it was quite good. The light at the end of this tunnel is a little ways off yet, but here is my piece for's LAST MAN STANDING. I've been snooping around to see what the competition is working on, and I am extremely intimidated. I might be spending the new year's evening in my kitchen painting on my laptop. Thanks for swinging by everybody and have a great holiday.


Underneath It All


emcguire said...

do noodles excite you?!

Pollock said...

Whaouuuu very very good job

Francis Vallejo said...

love it man!! i really like the overall design of the piece the most, great flow!

Dustin dArnault said...

Mr. Volker why that is an exceptional painting you have there. I am very impressed with this piece. I expect nothing less then spectacular from now on! Do you hear me Perfection!
I love you and miss you.


McLean Kendree said...

dude, in my mind this is a real step up man, good job. Execution and composition are right on par with one another!