Radio Silence

I'm about to head up to the cold north of the homeland for about a month. Time in MN is going to give me some much needed R & R. I will also be (hopefully) able to wrap up my website and publish it! I've signed myself up for the Last Man Standing 3 on The guys over there put together a snazzy new site for the whole event ( There is some stiff competition and I cannot wait to see everyone's entries. Its gonna be incredible. Anyway, here are some studies for the piece I am working on for said competition. Hope ya'll have a great holiday, don't drink too much, unless its in excess. Peace



Dominguez said...

Hey man, nice work! Love the sketchs, can't wait to see the finish piece. You take care up there in the cold. Drink alot of whiski!



Dustin dArnault said...

MMMMMM.... whisky! As usual bad @ss sketched sir, keep up the good work! But more importantly enjoy your well deserved break!
See you in a few weeks.