Mission Accomplished

I have finally, achieved victory over the world wide web (with much help from miss E McG). So if you've got some time to kill check out my brand spanking new mint-condish website!




The Machine said...

Hey, your site is pretty sweet. Congrats! I need to get one up myself and I like how yours is so simple and easy to navigate in. Good work. laters!


Andy Espinoza said...

Website looks good, congrats!

Trish said...

If you ever re-do the site, do your type in illustrator, and your graphic shapes, too. Or at least rasterize it better in the photoshops. You got some serious jaggies going on there, and if I were an art director I'd be like 'wtf, Volker, wtf."
Maybe pop it into a different program, too, like flash or something, because the load times are pretty long for simple stuff.