Some such fictitious place

Thanks for peeking.



Francis Vallejo said...

rockin! what if you put red in one spot?

McLean Kendree said...

'tis rock'n. Makes me want to go spend the night under that bridge. it looks serene and abandoned.

Linz said...

hey adam,
my name's lindsay. i have a feeling this is going to be a long comment, so sorry in advance. :P
i was at the show and tell, and i picked up your sketchbook [i loved it, lots of life and fun in there!] and i had two questions for 'ya.
1st - there were a lot of cool little character like silhouettes: were those for anything in particular or just for fun?
and 2nd - there was a chalky marker-like effect that looked like a mix between copic/caran d'ache/gesso. it was usually baby blue but there was a page of little scribbles in it. what kind of medium is that? it's great!
hahaha, wow, lots of comment here, but there you go! ~linz

Betsy Bauer said...

Loving this. Such great atmosphere!

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