Some THESIS stuff

For part of my senior project I am building a world of sci-fi/near future/post apocalyptic happenings and doing a number of illustrations depicting it's many facets. The one idea I am proud enough to share is about the travel sketchbook meant to accompany the presentation of the paintings. It documents the journey of a cartographer named "Vincent Rapture" (whos name has no permanent significance). I am hoping to fill it's pages with copious amounts of insightful tidbits that help to flesh out the reality of the world (still nameless) that I am trying to bring to life...

The Travel Log made from real peeled Trimpy-tree bark

so with that said, here are some sketches from Vincent's journey thus far.

a sketch of the Empirial city from the alley

The tale of the mountain train

The kindly policemen at the depot

I'm starting to think that "the weekend" is a science fiction fantasy of mine.



emcguire said...

Looks pretty cool. Vincent should have his own blog. I think you'll have fun with this :)

Nilah said...

Just wanted to say this is a really cool idea. Hope I get to see the finished product. :)

Andrew R. Wright said...


I agree with McG, a blog is necessary...NOW!!

Portrait Night??


IrisOn said...

you are god damn righ ill be there

ill be in a booth with Gorilla riot, ill have my own line if clothes by that time to, so start saving up

szitta said...

I'm really stoked for this!