Back on Track


I've been a little more electronically active (at least passively) and found some really fun stuff to occupy my attention. Yesterday a buddy of mine, turned me on to "" (link). Its like a free-for all king of the hill link collection where everyone is vying for a limited amount of advertising space! I'm loving the "creative solutions" people use to get their stuff out there. Also, I've become quite intrigued and entertained by Chris Applehans' journey through France (link) . He speaks with a dry humor that paints really honest comedic images that I "FranknFrank" RULES!! Lastly, if you've got a spare minute check out James Gurney (link) DAILY, if possible. If you don't already know him he's guru # 1. What an insightful dude.

Here's a painting of one of the black and whites I did a couple posts down. Trying a new ideation process...Thanks for stopping in, hope you find some of those links interesting!


The Scientist


Kyler Dannels said...

Diggin the palette and the handling on this, can't wait to see this world develop.

Kyle McCullough said...

Cant wait for thesis, good luck with everything.