Hello, welcome to my blog I love you!

I'm overly excited because I made it to round 2 of last man standing! What an honor. It's incredibly exciting, I'm gonna have to bring my "A" game to even make a breeze against the tornado of competition that is stepping to the plate. wish me luck, I AM SO STOKED!! Here are some drawings from anatomy class and portrait night...


Neck stuff



Francis Vallejo said...

That is most definitely a Hunekey. And congrats on round 2 also! Its gonna be a hummdinger

Linz said...

this post reminds me of Idiocracy. "welcome to Costco. I love you."

I love these portraits. how long did it take you to do each of the portraits? they look well formed but still gesture-y. :) Im still trying to find those darned deco-markers.

brigilicious said...

Do you have a live model in the studio to crank his neck around for you?

珊珊李 said...