Loosey Goosey


Hey all,

I needed to do some quick stuff to hit the other side of the spectrum from my work art (or is that art-work?)

She doesn't love you

Thanks for looking!



Greg Dahler said...

Adam! This is one of my favorites from you. I've always liked your ink work (traditional or digital), and the simplified painting technique on this one complements the drawing well. Very nice.

I heard you got a new job recently. Where are you at now?

Stevie said...

I'm so in love with your work. So in love. You are so amazing I wish you were still here to be an inspiration to even more students. I miss you Adam!

love the variation of complexity in your drawings :) :) your sketchbooks are eye candy!

Dustin dArnault said...

Dude that Is a sick drawing! I don't think that I have ever seen you do something like this. It is a great piece keep it up bro.

Bri said...

I like the small homage to Random Task. Did you draw this from real life experience or did it come to your from another medium?
I like it. It's the side I've been waiting to see.

drewscape said...

This is really nice. The colours, mood and lighting is great. Your artwork in your blog is inspiring too. I see you are a fan of ashley wood too. What kind of pen do you use generally?

Adam Tamte Volker said...

G Money: Hey man, thanks I m working on developing my "ink" stuff and I got some bigger projects in the works right now in this style. hopefully it goes well.

Stevie: Thanks gurl, I miss chatting art with you too.

Double D: I'm trying to break my mold a little bit with this drawing, hopefully it will keep working for me.

Bri: I'm glad you caught the Random Task shout out, and no this was not drawn from life.

Drewscape: thanks, yes I am a big ole' fan of ashley wood's work. As for the kind of pens I use, I have been getting into like chisel tip calligraphy pens recently. However, I still swear by this little number right here (http://www.wetpaintart.com/closeup.asp?pid=60001)

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