Early September


Hey guys,

It's starting to not be so hot here in Austin. We haven't hit "cool" or even "warm" yet, just not so hot. I've got another sketch that got out of hand. It's still an in progress thing, I wanted to throw it up here to sort of lift the curtain on how I work. If anybody is interested.

I'm scanner less, and although my sketchbook and I have been chatting a bunch recently, I can't show it to you :( ....someday......someday. Take care everyone thanks for swinging by and saying hey!

Dying Quietly



RAWLS said...

Great 'not so hot' sketch my friend!!!

Dustin dArnault said...

Nice sketch sir, I wish you could post your conversation. How I long to hear your words!

Andrew R. Wright said...

with hats like ours, who needs friends? This lady/guy you drew knows what i'm talking about...

your sketches keep me out of the deep blue so I strongly suggest you post the convo you have been having...

EL Gato Negro said...
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EL Gato Negro said...

well dont worry man when you to scan in them sketch book stuff it should fill up this section real nice so looking forward for a bunch of it..

Lindsay said...

Hey Adam!

Im really excited for you to be working in Texas :D I was looking at the list of people who got jobs from Phyllis and I wasn't surprised to see where you ended up.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know that the I really enjoy all of your work you've been posting. Its so freaking original.

We'll miss you at Ringling!


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