The Struggle Continues!


Sup doods,

I've been slightly adrift in the professional game world since I started back in July. I have been job hopping trying to find a secure position for the past few months. Midway had a big layoff back in August. Which included me, and kind of monkey wrenched my plans for a few weeks.

More details here------> (link)

Since then, I've had the incredible opportunity to do some temp work with the guys over at Bioware. However, Midway has offered me a position again, and I think I am going to go back. Fear not, this time I am almost positive the light I see at the end of the tunnel is in fact "real". I've been busy, and happy just a little bit uncertain.

...but enough about that. I have others things I want to show you.

I painted a picture of a tree vomiting!

Poor guy, I think he needs someone to hold his hair back

also, I took another stab at this more graphic b&w flat color stuff.


and I added pots to this painting.

Dying Quietly

Thanks for dropping in, hope all is well on the sunny side.



RAWLS said...

I don't think I've ever felt so sad for a tree! Great work dude.. sorry to hear about the layoff...but happy to hear about your possible return! Keep up the great work and positivity my friend!!

Andrew Olson said...

That's great man, glad to hear you got a spot back! And holy shit, that tree made me laugh a lot.

The Machine said...

lol that pore tree, i feel so sorry for him. lol clever, very clever. hehe

so it's hugely assumed that you're invited to ILLEST and it just wouldn't be the same without you, so you better be there man! Didnt know if anyone had told you that we all expect you to be there, so i figured id send on the invitation. Oct. 10th, mark it on your calender! lol hope you can come dude.


Abby said...

wow, that tree made me want to puke and laugh at the same time, love it!!! :)

Priyanshu Uniyal said...

I really loved the tree.... It was too awesome concept!!! Really a masterpiece!