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Whassup anybody,

I've been traveling a lot this fall. It's a good thing, because I draw smoother while I am around airplanes. Don't know why?!?! Maybe it's all the airport-bar scotch. I love how transient those places feel. Where people are so fleeting, and temporary.

"just here to have my drink....don't talk to me......or look at me"

manos feos

On my way back from LA, (from thanksgiving) I was fortunate enough to sit next to this wonderful little nine year old girl. She had ALL SORTS of suggestions about how I could improve my drawings. it really reminded me how much fun drawing is, and should be. We talked pirates, old people, bad-guys, and apartments.

anyway....more drawings and shit----->

exit row

this drawing again

why are all pirate movies rated ARRGGGH?

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Dustin dArnault said...

Sketches looking fresh as usual! I lvoe the fact you got some DOOMTREE lyrics writing down on a page or two! Great group. Hope your kick'n it old school man. Hit me back.

Sam said...

Holy smoke Adam! This is some great stuff! Inspirational as always

RAWLS said...

Great sketches man!!

Eric said...

yeah kids with there super naive eyes can really tell you a lot from there point of view looks like she made your sketches way better hahha j/k.... these are looking sweet brutha/.

Neesha said...

Your sketchbook always makes me happy. Hooray for pirates!

Trish Tatman said...

You still draw well, Adam. Good to see some things never change.

Plantmonster said...

volker, thanks for tha link! Sketchbook looks brilliant!!! Tell me yer gonna throw some samurai in that comic book of yours...PLEASE!

Stevie said...

Hah I had a similar experience at the zoo the other day, a little girl came up to me while I was sketching. Oh man and I'm a sucker for airplane drawings, yours are very lovely O_O :)

p.s. I'd love to collab/trade lets do it! :)

Kyle McCullough said...

Love the sketchbook work man, I know what you mean about those places and there fleeting moments. Your sketches definitely convey those little details that other people cant appreciate like artists do.


Dustin dArnault said...

thanks sir glade your digging the drawings. I hope your doing alright over in Austin. You best be sure I will be down there with you real soon. Happy holidays man!

珊珊李 said...