it's 2009!!


(Who's still writing 2008 on things by accident? I know I am)

Hey Folks thanks for stopping by,

Recently I've hit another career snag. Midway Studios Austin decided to shut it's doors earlier this month. However, I remain hopeful. I managed to escape with some good friendships, and a healthy dose of real world experience. On another note I recently became an octopus, and in an attempt to stay busy I decided to start a bunch of things at once. With all this stuff in progress, plus my move back to the great white north I've become one giant WIP of a person.

Some personal work in the middle-earth of completion.

Knight and day

Russian Patrol

...Also, there is a community challenge going on over at where contestants undertake the task of redesigning a popular myth or legend into the "steampunk" genre. It sounded like a blast, so I took up the banner of my old buddy "The headless horseman". It's been fun so far, we'll see what happens. Here are some ideas I've been kicking around for it.

Healdess Horseman "steampunk"



mclean said...

wooo, these all look pretty cool dude, I really dig the top piece, great composition on #2, and the headless horseman has all kinds of potential! Any closer to snagging a new j.o.b.? hittin up teh gamasutra?

Pop-Monkey said...

Bummer about the job, but I know you'll find new work in no time!

The headless horsemen images look great! I considered entering that contest when I heard about it, but I had too much other "real work" to do. It's a sweet prize package, though. Keep us updated on your progress with it.

Best of luck to you!

Pop-Monkey said...

Oh, and congratulations on becoming an octopus! It's one of my favorite animals. I'm sure you'll find yourself able to fit into all sorts of places you never thought you could! And you can make your own ink! Think of the money you'll save!

Dustin dArnault said...

Love the headless horseman sir! he should ride a steam plow! Day and knight is pretty cool too. Can't wait to hang out in Austin bro!


(reading your script right now)

Andrew R. Wright said...

Looking forward to seeing that horseman.
Looks like it is going to be quite fine sir!

Rich Pellegrino said...

bad ass headless horseman. i hope things work themselves out for ya man. i to am getting hit in the face with real world economical woes!

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