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The Original Photo

It's been a little rough for me lately trying to find work down here in Austin. I busted out the traditional media the other day, and took some pent up energy out on the canvas. I painted this photo that a great friend of mine had taken recently. (thanks for that Scott!) It was a wonderful afternoon, just me...a pallete knife.....and some colored butter. Hope ya'll dig it.

till next time!

EDIT: I added the original photo taken by my buddy Scott Cormack


Watts said...

That is Awesome!! Oh man Scott will be so proud! I love it!

Andrew Olson said...

neato, its like buttah

Scott said...

Dude this is so sweet. I like it more then my original picture.

Brigitte said...

Could you post the original? Or is that against your rules?

Andrew R. Wright said...
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Andrew R. Wright said...

DUDE! I dig it!

That blue on the shirt is glorious. I would love to see some of it work its way into the face.

Wright out...peace

IrisOn said...

dude!! this looks awesome..nice job!!

Robyn Hyzy said...

Great stuff! I love it!

lindsaykay said...