An Inspirational quickie



the insightful and ever helpful James Gurney made this post and it got me to thinking. I could totally use a list like that! Many times after a couple hours of noodling I realize I've forgotten to use my brain. I immediately stickie-noted "BLAST" to my workstation.

I went through some old files on my now ancient desktop computer, and found some notes on painting that I had gotten from someone back at school. They've been helpful tidbits to skim through every time I sit down to paint. I thought I would pass that along in case anyone else out there feels like they forgot something, and need a little encouragement. I've linked the files below and you can just download um and read away! have fun, take care!


Trey. said...

yeah man kick ass, thanks.

-trey b.

Pop-Monkey said...

Thanks, man -- that's useful information that seems obvious, but is easy to forget. I'll look through those notes when I get a spare minute.

Francis Vallejo said...