OPW-One Page Weeklies!!!


Hey folks,

I've been swooning over comic books (again) recently. After a few catastrophic attempts jumping into the deep end I decided that my skills as a sequential storyteller were laughable at best. So, I'm scheduling in some weekly practice, with an excercise I am dubbing 'One Page Weeklies' (OPW)

The idea is to practice comics, and stop myself from being an idiot when I say things like "oh yeah, I LUUV comics.....what was that?....uh, no...I have never actually done one".

Every week on Monday I will be posting a single page of comic...trying to keep the following in mind.


1. Attain a level of sequential storytelling competency
2. Experiment with the medium
3. Improve poor grammar
4. Develop a skill set to apply to larger comic projects
5. Have some of that 'fun' you've been hearing about

I'm interested to see what kind of storytelling I can pull off in just one page.
..Also, these will help regulate the posting on here.

So here is the first installment of what will be growing weekly!!


'poor planning'

thanks for sayin hey!!



Watts said...

What an awesome idea, and I already love the first one. It made me chuckle.

RAWLS said...

hahah... hilarious! Nice work man.

mclean said...

You're an inspiration bud, way to put your money where your mouth is. This is exactly what anyone should be doing who has no comic background but wants to get into them, myself included.

Stuart Ruel said...

Nice start man! foodone's weekly(?) comic is doing great, so it's not a bad idea at all, I'll be back next week!

Alex Berki said...

Awesome ideas Adam, shit whenever i dont know what to do with art im just gonna go to your blog and find some answers.

Thanks dood

Anonymous said...

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