The Lonely Outpost


hey guys,

I finally got around to finishing this piece from a post way back. I did the ink version in the middle of the painted one to loosen some hinges, and experiment with the image. I'm trying to incorporate fantasy subject matter in a subtle way, but I don't feel like I quite have it down yet....uggh :(

There are some differences compositionally between the two. I'm thinking the ink one is more successful, but I'd love to hear what ya'll think!?

the lonely outpost

the lonely outpost_ink

On another note. my website is WAYYY past due for an update. Once I figure out what stuff has cleared NDA I'll have loads of other work to show!! EXCITING!

thanks for dropping by!



RAWLS said...

Nice work bro! Great stuff!

mclean said...

Nice bud, when it comes to my own personal preference I dig the painted one more.

JAY said...

I think they're both successful. the characters remind me of Lyra and Pan from Pullman's books. Older though. Maybe play with more atmosphere in the painting... mist?... maybe a couple clouds to break up the view of the city? Also I might blur or soften the buildings a little to really push the depth of field. cool stuff!

Adam Tamte Volker said...

Rawls/Mc-Thanks for the encouragement guys!

Jay-thanks for the input man, I think with some of those suggestions I can push this piece to another level of finish. Thanks dude!


Sam Bosma said...

Hey dude, think I like the bottom one more, but the light on the painted one is boss.

Anonymous said...