a quick glance back


me with the hoodie and baseball cap, double fisting drinks

Hey folks,

I arrived back from Dallas inspired. We stumbled into some exciting stuff there, and it was great to get some of the old crew back together for a weekend.....(there was less scotch involved than I had hoped, but oh well)


Demons on the shoulders of angels

I don't feel like either of these sketches are "finished", but I'd like to chronicle their progress so I am gonna post them now, and then again when they are "done". More and more often I open my sketchbook intending to start a drawing, and then spend hours adding frosting to an old one. I feel like if my sketchbook had a timeline it would look something like this---->

I like layering things on top of each other, and seeing what happens when I reuse old imagery.

I'd also like to add how incredibly impressed I am by the artists I graduated school with. Everyone has made incredible strides individually, so a huge shout out to all you recent Ringling alums. I am REALLY blown away by what everyone is producing on a daily basis. It's really kept me in check, thanks.

...and thanks for your time,


EL Gato Negro said...

damn I'm bummed I didn't get to go but next year I will mark that for sure.. sweet sweet sketches man haven't the tradition side of you in a min. oh man I just the brushes you sent no biggie on making me wait hahah now im gonna play like its christmas... Tata....

Trish Tatman said...

Mmm.... sketchbook pages. Only like two kids I work with keep sketchbooks, it sucks. Your blog is always good for a fix, though, Adam. Hope you doing well.

Tobie said...

Wicked wicked stuff here. Glad to hear you had fun in Dallas, it was pretty crazy for me =D

Rich Pellegrino said...

dude! nice sketchbook pages! lot's of energy in them.

i wish i could've made it to the MB workshop. It looked like a great experience and would have been cool to hang out. i promise that if i was there there would have been plenty of scotch to drink. haha. i love that shit! glenlivet hands down!

Jens said...

I feel like I'd have the same timeline if I'd work in a sketchbook with paint, I can't stop fiddling when I work traditionally. There's always that moment where you know you shouldn't touch it, and you do and you screw up :)

man I also wish i'd gone to ringling, but just too far away :)
keep going!

Tom Scholes said...

Wait what the... you were in Dallas and you didn't say hallo? Tears of sadness flow endless. :)

Tom Scholes said...

Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Ice cream season.

Doing San Diego Comic Con?

珊珊李 said...