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Hey guys,

I've moved to Dallas for the week, to work on the book at ReelFX with some of the talented people over here. I'm starting to feel like a gypsy, roaming from Austin, to Shreveport, and now Dallas. I think George Carlin had a joke about it....something about having belongings in a bunch of different places at once. Regardless, it's made for an interesting past few months. I have been posting sluggishly, because I haven't come up for air in a while, but here are some recent sketchbook pages. I hope ya'll like um....!?!??


not-sick-ah the valley of the wind

Strawns eat shop

thanks for spending some of your time here,



Erin McGuire said...

I can see you. :O

Kyler Dannels said...

sweet spreads man - the life you're living seems truly kickass. Keep having fun and and stay passionate.

I want some more of that marinated cabbage shit, gumbo and blues music! Can't thank you enough for showing me around on my b-day, brother.

- Kyler

Brigitte said...

I saw a small square clip of your creepy goat on my blog and it looked like it was riding a razor scooter. I had to click and make sure.

Just curious, could you do that for next time?

luis espinosa said...

hey man.. thanks for the nice words... glad you enjoyed my work..i have been doing a lot more graphic design stuff and not enough illustration but i try to sneak in something that is illustration anyway i can...but yeah man..i'm a big fan of your stuff.. my favorite is your pen and ink work..its pretty sick stuff. sounds like your having a blast man. doing awesome work and being around some creative people.. that's one think i miss about Ringling is the creative environment. but oh well.

take care my friend

RAWLS said...

Awesome sketches bro!! Great stuff.

Francis Vallejo said...

flippin great!!!!

Hannes Pasqualini said...

wow! you're getting better and better! really love your sketches!
Especially those where you work with ink and a clear stroke.

btw. here's something that might interest you: we're organizing a contest here in Italy, it's called Nowords Comics and it's all about Wordless comics.
It's open to all, and it's free!
Take a look at this website:
there's even some great prizes to be won...

CWolfe said...

I'm loving this stuff, especially the first two. That blue is just lovely!

Brun Croes said...

Man u should stop drawing, it just ain't your thing.

Look at u fucking up all these sketchbooks, its a waste of the paper....

serieus u rock dude ;)

JAY said...

nice stuff!

珊珊李 said...