Hey guys,

Another Artoder art piece. This one is about devolving a creature and showing it's ancestry (what a cool idea right!). The challenge kicks off next Tuesday, so it's not going to "officially" enter the ring until then. I thought I would share it here since it's done. Hope ya'll dig it! Oh!! and the winner is based on votes, so when Tuesday rolls around do the internet art community a favor please and go vote!! (on Tuesday)

"Ancient Gnomes"

till next time


RAWLS said...

Great shapes dude!!

ADRO said...

Interesting character design... just wondering how this ancient gnome would fight/defend itself with a large sword and thin legs? Hope all is well!

Adam Tamte Volker said...


While that is a good point, I wasn't attempting to design something real. The decisions I made for this guy were purely aesthetic. I'd place this character somewhere between a realistic fantasy world and a cartoon fantasy world. Where Newton doesn't exist.

Thanks for the input

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