OPW/3-One Page Weeklies



Today commemorates the third cycle of these weekly comics. With this one I was trying to grasp a subject matter that is a little more serious and subtle. Hopefully the read is clear, I am not sure yet what is appropriate to leave out, and what is necessary to include. I guess that's part of the trial and error process. I'm also wondering if I am relying to heavily on the title, and whether the comic would work at all if I took it out(?)


"Four Senses"

Thanks for dropping in.


Pop-Monkey said...

Hi, Adam
It's really cool that you're keeping up with this. Keep it up.

I do think you are relying too much on the title, as I really didn't pay attention to the title at first and was a little lost.

I like how you play around with lost edges (the Breccia influence, right?), so keep working on that. I think some of the panel to panel flow could work a bit better, too. The panel of the CU on the girl's face gazing right off the edge of the page in the opposite direction of reading kind of interrupts the flow. Maybe if that panel was inserted between the following 2 panels, it wouldn't be quite as jarring. You might also want to investigate how leaving a small gutter between panel borders might help things seem like not such a tight squeeze. Maybe try separating the panels a bit in photoshop and see how it looks.

Keep these things coming, man!

Adam Tamte Volker said...

Thanks Jared,

I hadn't considered how distracting having her looking off the side of the page could be. Now that I look at it again, I also think some of the compositions don't flow together quite as smoothly as I would like, I'll pay more attention to page flow next time! Thanks for the heads up, and encouragement.


Bags said...

this one came out pretty cool man
keep'em coming